Saturday, April 11, 2015

Crazy couple of weeks behind me but, a new review for you. White2Tea's 2008 Often Tuocha.

It is been a rigorously crazy couple of weeks at my house.

 Sorry to say that has kept me from posting until today.

 I have been so busy in fact that I have barely been on Reddit lately. 

With everything that's been going on I have decided to review for you a tea that I have been eagerly awaiting a chance to brew. 

White2Tea's 2008 Often Tuocha has been number one on my list since my last review. 

I just needed to wait for a lazy Saturday morning for a chance to brew it.  

 White2Tea's often tuocha brews up initially a light sunshine yellow. The flavors are mainly medicinal and camphor with a light menthol finish I have come to expect from this vintage of sheng. 

 In the second steep the color turns dark to golden honey, with the camphor notes becoming stronger and more pronounced as well as a certain fermented funk coming on the aftertaste.  

 I noticed a lot of twigs in the wet leaf matter, not my favorite thing to discover, but the taste is not harmed in this one I think. 

Third steep. Very funky and fermented tasting. Almost too funky for me, but I can't even stop myself from sipping it so some part of me must like it a lot. 

4th steep, with a little sugar the camphor notes are back and the funk has dissipated. 

Sidenote: I have been brewing this tea with 195°F water rather than the usual 212.  I find that it makes for an easier transition for the tea, and brings out some subtleties that can easily get overlooked.

I give it a 8 out of 10, I may look into buying a whole tuocha of this the next time I make a tea order.

This tea was provided for review.

I am listening to my Yoshida Brothers Radio on Pandora. It is very atmospheric and the instrumentals just scream "tea drinking music" to me right now.

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