Monday, April 20, 2015

White2Tea's OBSX (old bush shui xian) oolong

Please note, I am experimenting with lighting and flash during these photos. Also note, I do not have a fancy camera, just a Panasonic point and shoot, and though I love it dearly, I know it does not lend itself well to professional level photography.

White2tea's OBSX may be the single costliest tea I have yet to try. At $35 per 50g, I can only say that this is a tea more suited for someone of  higher social repute than I.

I put 4.4g of tea into my 4 oz gaiwan, which I only filled to the 3 oz mark during this session, ( I really can not wait for my smaller gaiwans to get here.)

I used 205 F water for this, a little hotter than perhaps I should have gone, but I was trying to push the tea a little, maybe make it go a little differently than I thought it was going to.

The result is not far off in color from the picture on the website. It had a very coppery taste to it with hints of honeysuckle and mallow blossoms, as well as a roasty nuttyness. It was very sweet on the back of the throat as well.

I drank on this for the better part of the day, then tossed the leaves into my nalgene with some cold water and the H2Jo! attachment overnight and drank on that the next day.

The cold brew was much lighter with a greater honeysuckle flavor.

8/10 would purchase except for (what I consider) a steep price tag, it was very enjoyable though, and may treat myself to some sometime.

I am listening to Pandora's Emo Genre station, just because I like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.

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