Monday, April 13, 2015

DAVIDsTEA Goji POP. Done exactly to package specs.

I got this as a free sample in an order a while back, as I am not to keen on Goji Berries, I just kind of threw it in a drawer. BUT- my quest is to review them all. And all I shall review. link for posterity
 LOTS of fruit, very little hibiscus. pretty chunky too, I'm going to start with a 6 minute infusion for this.

 205 exactly.

The result is pretty meh, to be honest. To get any flavor out of it whatsoever I had to add 3 sugar cubes to it, and even then it was just kind of wah. The fruit flavor was fleeting, and there wasn't enough hibiscus to make it taste like anything.

3/10 Would not purchase.

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