Thursday, March 20, 2014

REVIEW- YEZI tea Jasmine tea pearls Mo Li Hua

I got some "free" samples in from yezi tea (i did have to pay shipping). one of them was these jasmine pearls.

There is just enough in the little pouch for one brew session, lets see how it goes.

Nice, tightly rolled pearls of tea, they have a very mild floral fragrance as well.

Into the pot they go!!

 A couple views of the leaves post first brew (just under a minute)
the light brew.

It was a little too mild and sweet for me, but I enjoy very astringent green teas. with the second brew I will up the brew time by two minutes.

the second brew was better, but still very sweet.

not bad, if you are into very sweet, buttery green teas. (not that I didn't like it, i just didn't love it.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After some less than enjoyable weather, along with some winter blues and blahs, it's time to share in some new tea!

 This is a Puer mini tuocha. I recently got 105 of them (in 21 "flavors") from a vendor on (link at end of post). That is a standard sweetener packet for scale.
 there is one in my hand with the massive bowl of fun behind it.
 Sweetener packet for scale to the bowl.
 here it is unwrapped, see the little indent? that's from the machine that they use to compress the tea.
 here it is flipped to show the top.

 and a couple of close up views
 the wrapper ( I can't read chinese, so if anyone can, tell me what flavor this one's supposed to be, yes?)

 A couple of close ups of the wrapper- NOW it's time to BR-BR-BR-BR-BR-BR-BREW (hah. I've been waiting to make that yugioh refrence for years.)
 Rooster mug with old davids tea infuser from the mug that broke, mini tuocha, jug to dump rinses in, and a very messy desk, Check check check check and Check
 tea in infuser
 another angle
 boiling water for first  10 second rinse
 after first rinse

 dumping first rinse
 second rinse
 it's already fallen apart, hope that's not a bad sign.

 first brew

completely disentegrated mini tuo (after only one 1 minute brew)

I have to say, i have tried a couple of other ones from this bag before this, and none of them were this fishy.

i did two brews after this one and the smell and taste would just not go away. So the yellow ones are a bust.

The orange ones were good, and the pale green ones were good, the brown (coffee flavored, i found a coffee bean piece in it) was only ok, but none of them had been bad so far. maybe that one was a fluke tuocha.
NOTE: i am not expecting high quality puer here, i am expecting mediocre at best, but the other flavors had given me some hope that these were better-than-average for mini tuochas.
The product reviewed today, purchased with own money.