Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My new Ben Shan Green Clay Teapot and it's Sheng Pairing

A few weeks ago I finally received my birthday order from YunnanSourcing.com, since I had to go on a trip (that I am still on, long story, will have it's own post) and ended up getting strep throat (yuck, I hate being sick, it saps what little productivity I have), I have been delayed in posting ANYTHING for the past 3 weeks. I am very sorry.
 Thank you for the birthday message that came in the box, it made me smile.

 This is the pot this post is about. A cute Ben Shan Green clay teapot. I boiled it this afternoon in filtered water (as the tap water in the area I am in is unsuitable for drinking). I decided to try and pair it with some Sheng Pu'erh (coincidentally I had gotten quite a lot of sheng pu'erh in my birthday order) I used a 2012 sheng tuocha to test the pairing.

 8.7 grams for 120 ml looks about right to me, and I'm glad I didn't go any heavier because the tea turned out quite strong.

I LOVE the pour on this pot. It's very strong, and does not dribble, until the very end of the amount of liquid. It pours nice and fast too.

 The pot is way more than big enough for two people, and I ended up getting 4 sipping cups full out of each steeping. I think I got lucky, because although the tea came out very strong, it was pleasant, and very smooth to taste. I THINK that sheng is the perfect choice for this pot, and although this sheng was nothing "special" to start off with, I enjoyed it very much, and  was pleased by the way it came out.

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