Tuesday, March 17, 2015

White 2 Tea's Lao Cha Tou, First try

I saw Oolong Owl's Review of this tea, which she got in the February tea club, and I got really excited for it, when I realised I had that same tea in my samples from White2Tea. 

 A little over 5g of tea went into my gaiwan, and I did two, five second rinses.

steeps started at 10 seconds, adding half the time again to each steep.

This is the result. Beautiful, dark, and mysterious.

The tea tasted fine at first. But then I noticed an odd aftertaste, similar to chewing on styrofoam, Now, I had descaled my zojirushi the day before, so the flavor wasn't limescale. I don't know if something was up with my mug, or gaiwan, or pitcher, or what. I will try and brew it again, and will amend my review if something changes, but as of right now, it has a 4/10. I HATE saying that, because, the tea did taste fine until the aftertaste kicked in. But I don't play games when reviewing a tea, I tell you all what I think honestly, and honestly, that aftertaste made me physically ill, and until I figure out what the deal is, I CANNOT recommend this tea at this point in time.

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