Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rosie Earl Grey and Cardamom Black Reviews- Teas from New Mexico Tea Company.

I went ahead and tried both the Rosie Earl Grey and the Cardamom Black last night, and I thought I would share my views of both.

Rosie Earl Grey

There was about a tablespoon of tea in the sample of the rosie earl grey, Just enough for my rooster tea pot. ( yes that is a davids tea perfect mug infuser, I like using it in this teapot, because it is exactly the right size.)

I went with 208 F water, and a 3 minute steep. I have such an aversion to earl grey, just because of a bad experience with it being too strong, and it making me ill, that I wanted it to be fairly moderate in strength. The pot made 2 rooster mugs and a small mug much like this, only a darker shade of brown.,

I had husband and mom-in-law try it as well, because they usually like earl greys, so I had to put their opinions as well, since they are different from my own.

This may become something I buy to drink regularly

The opinions are as follows-

Me: Has enough rose to not make me violently ill from the mental association I have with straight bergamot flavored earl greys. Nice and floral, with a citrusy finish, not overly malty, I believe because of the Qimen base. 6/10

Husband: Alright, but since having eaten something spicy just before drinking it, it was too subtle for me to be able to taste as well as if I had drunk it at a different time. Tastes decent though. 4/10

Mom-in-Law: I like Earl Grey and this is a nice variation. The rose isn't overpowering, and since I dislike floral flavors, this is a good thing. It has enough bergamot to keep me drinking it, and enough rose to make it different from regular Earl Grey. 5/10

Cardamom Black

I put a tablespoon of this tea into the infuser, and brewed it at 208 for 4 minutes. This one I drank on my own.

I snuck a couple of little shards of frozen ginger into my mug after tasting a bit with a spoon, It is good plain, but I think with a touch of ginger it just got elevated.

This tea tastes like how a warm hug from a favorite aunt feels. So calming, so soothing, and it just made me smile. I can not find good words to describe the warmth that this tea gave me. It was more than just the comfort of a hot drink on a cold rainy day, it was sunshine and rainbows. It is simply a very good tea, and well executed. 8/10

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