Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unboxing Some Samples from White 2 Tea and brewing 2007 Repave

A Mysterious Package arrived on my doorstep this morning, 

As soon as I open it- A note has appeared!
I see, these are the samples Paul from White2Tea said he would send me for review.

7 sample pouches and a fairly large mini tuocha that smells vaguely of hay and raisins.

 What to try first? OOH OOH I KNOW!! The 2007 Repave! Little did Paul know, I have been looking at this particular cake for a while, but hadn't been sure enough to order a sample...
 The dry leaves smell like a pine tree forest just after the rain stops.

He gave me enough for at LEAST two brewing sessions, so I'll just take 5g for now into my gaiwan.

Since this is just a quick morning tea sessions, after tasting each brew I combined them in my little pitcher, 3 at a time.

I stopped taking pictures at this point because I well, kinda forgot in all of the tea tasting madness that followed this picture.

Brews 1-3: Menthol and Camphor dominate, with a minerally earth finish, lots of lingering sweetness as well.
Brews 4-6: still a little menthol on the back of the throat, but mainly earthy with a hint of pruney sweetness on the tip of the tongue.

Overall, it is a very good pu'erh, and I am still drinking on it as I type, will update the review once I exhaust the leaves, which might take me all day.

I give it a strong 8.5 out of 10. I wish the camphor notes had been more pronounced in later brews. If they had, this would have been perfect. otherwise, this is a very good strong contender for my new favorite pu'erh, and I may just have to buy myself a whole cake or have someone do that for my birthday (^_^).

This tea was provided for review by White2Tea, but even if I had bought it for myself, the review would be unchanged (I don't play the "i have to review it well because it was a free sample" game).

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