Tuesday, February 25, 2014

tea exchange and Fruta bomba

I just got my shipment in from my tea exchange partner, and am about to brew, for the first time, one of the teas sent to me.

teavana's fruta bomba.

normally I am not a fan of teavana, because of their business practices, but hey, I'll give it a shot.

Fruity. Not just a little apple flavor like with some spice teas, but lots of in your face fruitiness. 

Not unpleasant unsweetened, but with Splenda, the papaya flavor really shines.

You can't even tell that it's a green tea, which disappoints me, slightly. 

I give this tea a 5/10, because it has lost the flavor of its original tea base, and all that's left is the papaya. 

I steeped 5 grams at 175 F for 2 minutes. 

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