Friday, February 21, 2014

Rose dark tea revew, Plus the nalgene H2JO combo.

This morning I fixed myself a nalgene full of rose dark tea from new mexico tea company, I had recently "re-found" this tea while searching for something in the back of my tea shelf, and had discovered this, which had fallen behind the shelf.

Rose dark tea is a compressed shu (or 'cooked') pu erh (puer, pu er) tea, with the inclusion of rose petals.

It is pretty much impervious to over-steeping, or high temperatures, which makes it perfect for brewing it in my nalgene. ( I have a busy day ahead.)

As you may be able to see, the tea has been compressed into a really cute heart shape.

This is the tea brewed to my liking. plus a bonus chihuahua (meet Bonnie, I'm her "therapy human")
 I brewed it in this setup (a nalgene and H2JO), and yes, that IS a fuzzy sock I am using as a tea cozy.
This is the H2JO, a filter for tea/coffee made for the nalgene. It is a very fine steel mesh with an EXTREMELY rugged plastic connector.

The tea is, how I brew it, a dark, rich, velvety brew, with a HINT of roses.

I have noticed that with a shorter brew time with a higher leaf to water ratio, the rose flavor is MUCH more pronounced.

I typically just add more boiling water throughout the day as it gets stronger, but I don't ever notice it getting bitter. if it gets too weak, i just add another tea heart in.

bonus: if you use the nalgene with the H2JO, you don't really need a cup, you can drink it straight out of the container.

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