Thursday, January 22, 2015

Both of Teavivre's Milk Oolongs Side-By-Side, Grampa Style!

So, I was thinking to myself "what's the best way to review those milk oolongs I got from teavivre for christmas? It would be a shame to review them indivudually, but I only have one gaiwan, and I only have one gravity steeper. I am not overburdened with a great number of small teapots either." Then I looked in my kitchen cabinets, wondering if I could fake a gaiwan using a glass measuring cup, when I noticed my husband and I's two white mugs. Other than the print on the outside, and the fact that mine has a bad crack on the handle, they are exactly the same. That's when I had my idea.
"Why not do grampa style? Every time someone asks me the easiest way to drink tea, I suggest it, so why not follow my own advice?"

Because of the simplicity of today's tea session, I did not take 48 photos. 

As the caption states, the flavored milk oolong is on the left, and will remain there. Once it is in the mugs, it will be in the green print one.

Ok, here goes. I alternated between the two mugs, and it took me around 30 minutes to get to the point where they would need to be refilled, the good, and sometimes bad thing about doing oolong teas grampa style is that they can literally go all day, and it's already past 3, and if I drink too much tea this late in the day, I WILL be up all night. If I hadn't slept so late, I could have told you how the flavor changes with each hot water refill. But I really can't, since I want to be able to sleep tonight.

Again, the stuff on the left is the flavored oolong, And I think it's worth noting that it is almost all single leaves, where as the unflavored oolong is almost all leaf sets.

I love them both, but for different reasons, and different tastes. The flavored milk oolong is just that, very milky and creamy, almost like drinking warm milk spiked with vanilla. the unflavored oolong, however, is very floral, with a buttery texture.

Since today was very rainy and cold, I found myself favoring more the flavored variant, whereas on a less gross day I would probably be singing the praises of the unflavored one.

I give them both 85/100, and here are the links to the teas reviewed in todays post.
( they were a christmas present from my mother, so give a shout out to her)

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