Monday, January 19, 2015

An intro to my new tearoom, as well as Dong cheon daejak 2013 sparrows tongue 'jakseol' green tea from what-cha

First off-  Welcome to my new tearoom! I move the table in front of the chair for easier access when brewing gong fu, and as I do not yet have a tea tray with drain, I must put down an old towel to protect it's finish, and keep spills contained.
The following review will be of Dong cheon daejak 2013 sparrows tongue 'jakseol' green tea from what-cha

 Yes,I have reviewed this tea on steepster, but I have decided to go more in depth, and put together quite a few pictures, as an introduction to my new tearoom. I am brewing this tea in a 150 ml gaiwan, using 5 g of leaf

 I weighed out 5 grams of the tea on my nifty .1 gram american weigh scale. This tea is a very tightly wound, lightly curled green that smells vaguely of grass and warm summer's days.

 Into the gaiwan it goes, the gaiwan holds 140 ml to the start of the flared brim

This pot is holding my 150~ F degree water. I prefer when my later steeps are slightly cooler, and this will cool faster than my zojirushi (I will be doing a teaware breakdown on here later).

Oops, a tealeaf escaped!

 End of first steep. Notice how the leaves are still fairly tightly wound!

The first two steeps reminded me quite a bit of Japanese matcha, but without the hassle of whisking. 

On the third steep the corn flavor is very pronounced, like a sweet summer corn at the peak of harvest season. The color also smooths out to a butter yellow.

The fourth steep lasting 55 seconds looks just like liquid clarified butter. This is also a very good description of the taste, although it is buttery but it is without the greasy mouthfeel. 

On the fifth steep the color pales almost to the color of chamomile tea.  The flavor has paled to a mere floral shadow of itself. 

The sixth steep had to be the last, there was absolutely no flavor left to be extracted out of the leaves.  All in all, the changing flavor profile kept me interested,until there was no flavor left to be gained, which is unusual for me.  I feel that this tea is best suited for short steepings in a gaiwan. 

I give this tea an 88 out of 100 score. I only wish it had lasted for a greater number of steeps. 
This tea was purchased by me, for my own enjoyment.

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